Monday, December 17, 2007

More milestones

Two "new" things that K has been doing:

1) Last Friday, on our drive home, we have to take a major freeway. She usually is either talking to the baby in the mirror, jabbering away, or looking out the window. For the life of me, I wonder what she sees from her perspective. Anyhoo, on Friday, a loud semi-truck went rolling by me on my driver's side. I saw K in the mirror: she had heard the truck and cranked her head to the right to look and was watching it as it went by us. I was impressed that she heard it and turned, and saw it and continued to look at it for a length of time.

2) This AM for the first time ALONE, our girl waved bye bye to me as I left her at Elaine's (daycare). Elaine holds her arms and waves them everyday, and it's finally caught on. Our girl is growing too fast.

3) G'ma's visitation and funeral are this Wednesday, so CJ and I will be packing up the kids (human and fur) tomorrow afternoon for our road trip up. We'll be back on Thursday, I think.

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