Saturday, December 01, 2007

Battling the sickies

We are continuing to battle the sickies here in the Soupy home *sigh*. Our angel girl was sick a few weeks back, as you'll recall, causing CJ and I to get the bug, too. This past Tuesday, I picked her up early at daycare because she had a 102 temperature, and we kept her home on Wednesday, although she didn't have a temp that day. We just wanted to play it safe. Well, I brought her to daycare yesterday AM (Friday) but noticed she coughed quite a bit in the car. That croupy "barky" sounding cough. *dammit*. I told Elaine I'd pick her up at noon, after my class was off on the bus. I picked her up, but not after enjoying watching her chow her food down along side her friends at daycare. Elaine said she had a fairly good AM, so we thought we were on the mend. We even took her to Teresa's, where she was enchanted with the balloons and the waiters in red shirts, and sampling mommy's tortilla soup chicken.

We knew it wouldn't be a healthy day when our girl slept until 7:15. This pumpkin of ours is usually up bright and early on most days, and after only being up for 30 minutes, she went down for a first nap. Uh oh. *sigh again* Poor girl was congested beyond belief, and hacking up her lungs all day. All she wanted to do was snuggle on mommy's lap. Which was fine with me, until I caught a whiff of her breath. Ewww. No longer does she have the sweet smell of "new baby'. Oh no, this girl does not. She is clearly sick, and I kissed her extra times tonight after our stories at bedtime, praying that she sleeps well and awakens early in the AM, happy and healthy.

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