Thursday, November 29, 2007

Santa Claus!

Keif and I were at the mall for a quickie trip on Sunday late afternoon. As I was pushing her past the Santa Claus display, I realized NO ONE was in line for Santa. He had two girls on his lap and the "elves" were standing around, looking extremely bored. I called up CJ and asked if I should plop our girl in his lap and see what happens?

I did, and it was success! Santa (who has a real beard, by the way), tickled our girl and she laughed and laughed, after intently checking him out first. The staff told me I had made a good decision, as the wait has been as long as 2 hours in the past. Two HOURS? That is insane. Lucky for us, K smiled so happily. However, not lucky for the pocket book, they charged an arm and a leg for a few measly pictures. But we HAD to have our angel girl's first memento taken at Christmas. And yes, this is a picture of a picture (we don't own a scanner, *gasp*).

1 comment:

The Town Criers said...

She is so cute! And I love that you got her smiling.


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