Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Prayer request for my mom

Could you spare a prayer for my mom?
Life is crazy right now- but I promise you, updates on life with the Soupy clan will be coming eventually - we have lots of pictures and stories to share...........just time is precious, and I feel like everything has been a rush.....this weekend, I should have time to just sit and update...........

My mom had major surgery a year ago April- she had a fissure on her intestine rupture, and caused major issues inside her- she had part of her intestines removed, and had to use a colostomy bag last Spring for about 3 months or so. She had everything reattached last summer and has had stomach issues ever since due to scar tissue.

She is having outpatient laser surgery today to try and remove that scar tissue. CJ and I would go up there to be with her, but I have had not had a consistent sub for my assistant here at work for almost a month due to HER illness, so I really can't have a sub cover me today or tomorrow, as I have 2 diff para subs coming in. Plus, I have 2 new students starting today and a calender that's booked solid with assessments.

Anyhoo, if you could spare a prayer, could you please? Just to make sure that she comes through this surgery OK and more healthy than she was.


Emilie said...

Good wishes for your mom, Carrie. That sounds like a tough thing to go through.

Aside from that stress, I hope you're doing OK with being at work. :)

Kerry said...

I hope everything goes well for your mom. Thoughts and prayers for you and her from me.


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