Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Baptism weekend

Hey there, baby brudder, welcome to my crib
Aubrie chose this pumpkin for Keifer, that her and my dad ("Uncle Dale") had carved the night before
First time seeing a pumpkin- "what is this thing and can it go in my mouth?" Sharing her infant/toddler rocker with her 1/3 brudder, while Sassy makes sure all is well and tasty
"this is how we roll"
The MN mommy board mini-Get Together at the Mall of America (yes, this is small compared to our other gatherings....)
"Hey, brudder, I like your bib! Can I chew on it?"
"Oh never mind, I just love you SO MUCH!"
Mommy's girl
Hanging out with the Nanas
Puppy shoes: they must be related! LOL
Sisters? Egg sissy!
Abby and Aubrie: they swam together all night. Aubrie started to refer to Abby as her "sister".
CJ and his girls: Aubrie, Abby & Keif
Keifer taking her turn being baptised (aka entertaining the crowd)
Kisses from Pastor David
Family Picture
The kiddie crew
CJ & his clone
Mommy & baby: newly baptised each
Godmother Mooshie
Keifer's Godparents: Corey (Uncle) and Mooshie
Mason has started telling us Treble is "HIS" dog
Yes, the puppers were busy catching scraps
The Cake - OMGoodness, it was delicious
Can Alex GET any cuter? Oye.
Big boy likes to chill standing up!
Mason explaining the merits of the doggy bone to Aubrie
Nana Marge when she was 3 months old in the family Christening gown: and the rose from church. Gee, do you think Keif looks like her Nana at all?
Whew. And there you have it. So much joy to behold. What a fantastic weekend, full of memories and love.

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