Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our goofy girl

Thump *pause* Thump *pause *THUMP*

This is the noise that CJ and I hear on a nightly basis. Sometimes its consistent, sometimes it happens now and then, usually it happens around 1AM or so, for almost an hour at a time. Who is it? Well,it's our angel girl, thumping her legs in her crib.

She is LOUD.

Thump thump thump. Its very rhythmic, very soothing almost if you like rhythmic sounds. I went in last night when I heard her thumping, around 1AM ish. There she was, head shaking back and forth, arms up and down, legs going straight up and then WHACK: down to the crib with a thump. Over and over again. While she was asleep. Sound asleep.
That's our goofy girl. Apparently she has some sensory issues that require her to thump and get that sensory input to help soothe herself so she can sleep better. It must calm her. Some kids bang their heads or rock their bodies. Our girl thumps her legs. I like to think that it all started when she was still being swaddled in her Miracle Blanket, and she would thump her legs to help squiggle her way out of the blanket (and our little Houdini often did!). My friend Julie's little Holland apparently does this,and I love what she call it: "kicky legs".

I'm going to try some night to get a video clip of it, because its really quite comical. Now, if only mama could SLEEP through the thumping, once I've been waken by it. *sigh*.

*reaching for my chai tea latte, soy milk please, because it has some good caffeine in it to kick start my morning*


Kami said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It is comforting to hear about people on the other side doing so well.

Your daughter sounds completely adorable!

Kerry said...

Funny girl! She must secretly be hanging out with Ewan because he does a similar thing. He loves to lay on the floor and slam his legs down. You can actually hear it on another floor.

I hope you get some video as I would love to watch it.

Jennifer Prince said...

How funny! Addison scratches her nails on her bedding or blankets at night. She does it to calm herself or just while she is sleeping. So cute that K *thumps!*

April-C-A said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. Wyatt does it too, but all day long! Gotta love it!!!

kristine said...

so many babies do that! i always think it's so funny!!


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