Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mommy's going bye-bye

I'm leaving tomorrow night *gulp* for the first time away from my baby girl. This will be the first time in OVER a year (if you consider carrying her inside me part of the equation, which I do). I'm leaving tomorrow evening to fly to Charleston, S.C., to attend my cousin's wedding. Chris is staying home with our kids (fur and human), and his parents, my wonderful ILs, are coming down to help with the household stuff. Keifer gets to stay home with her Nana and Papa all day on Friday- they'll all have a ball, including the fur kids, Treble and Sage, who always enjoy a little extra lovin'. My mom and dad will be meeting me in Charleston tomorrow night late, when they pick me up at the airport.
I'm excited, yet sad, to leave my kids. Oh yeah, and CJ, too *hee hee*. However, it'll be fun and maybe I'll actually be able to sleep the entire night through without a wake up call bright and early before the sun rises? But I'm sure I'll be dreaming of my girl, her sweet, cuddly face and her little swats to my face that she is now doing, as she tries to reach for me.
I'll be sure to post some pictures when I get home Monday night.
Pray for safe flights! I have a layover both ways in Atlanta - I hope I don't end up sprinting through the airport to catch my next flight, like I did in 1999 when I was flying home from visiting my friend, Katie Jo, in 1999 (when she attended College in Charleston). Let's hope for smooth and on time travels. *smile*

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Bookerson said...

You will be visiting my town! Have fun. The weather looks like it will be nice this weekend.

I am a fellow DE'er. I will be starting my cycle in Jan. 2008. I have enjoyed reading your blog. It gives me hope. :)


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