Friday, September 28, 2007

Let the ear pulling begin............

The PUPPY ear pulling, that is.
Ahh, yes.

Yesterday morning, as Keifer was chugging down her morning bottle, after taking her breaks to smile her sweet, formula smile at mama, she sat up on my lap for her annual burp. I sit her sideways on my lap facing out (I've found she burps the best in this position). Whenever Sassy Sager hears the thumping of a potential burp building up, she scurries from wherever she is in the house to sit by my feet and wait for the possibility of a spit-up burp to lick up. Oh, who am I kidding? She actually comes up and stands up on her back legs and licks the heck out of Keifer's formula face. Keifer loves it. She giggles, squeals, and wiggles with excitement.

Now that our Princess K can start reaching out and actually grab her intended targets (toys, burp cloths, chewies), she got lucky and caught her intended victim yesterday AM: Sassy's ear. Uh oh. Sassy has this screech - it sounds like a scream (literally). She didn't snap or bite when Keifer's (surprisingly) strong grasp grabbed onto her left ear - oh no - she just screamed like someone was hurting her. Well, someone WAS hurting her. Keifer just beamed and cooed and wiggled her toes while Mama frantically uncurled her hand from around the precious, velvety ear of Sass. Poor Sass. Sager then needed some Tender Loving Care from mama, too, while Keifer squealed away and wondered what that incredible sound had been. LOL.

Let the grabbing begin. Treble and Sage: look out. Here she comes. (and no, we won't let them be alone with Keifer ever, and especially now that there is the possibility of tails and ears to be grabbed, which would mean some unintentional "defense-biting" going on. *sigh*)

Can you SEE the hand just itching to start reaching for that cool looking white & black puppy? *poor Sass*

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Kristine said...

Poor pups! At least you know she loves them! :)
BTW..I believe Aamodt's still has the winery. I am pretty sure I remembered seeing it there. YUM-O~!


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