Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's all in the hips........

And yet another movie quote coming at you........

Yep, so all the PG "gain" I achieved, I'm figuring out that much of it was and is indeed in my HIPS. I'm working out quite a bit lately, and loving my Cardio Kickboxing classes, but yet, my pants don't seem to be getting any smaller. I am really TRYING MY HARDEST to accept the fact that I have had a baby and my body carried and nourished this child for 10 months, so of course I have excess weight that won't go away as fast as I'd like it to. I also remind myself pretty much everyday, that society is the culprit who has brainwashed me into thinking I NEED to be stick -thin to look good. I look FINE, and some people tell me they like me with a bit more "meat" than I used to have when they first met me. I've just finally figured out, I guess, that the PG caused my hips to widen, and although I may look smaller than a few months ago, my hips and midsection have completely changed in size - so yeah, my jeans I bought pre-PG aren't going to fit for quite some time. *sigh*
I am healthy. I am of average size. I work out. I eat well most of the time. I move around a LOT (I don't like sitting still except for movies!). Teaching 3 year olds is not for the slow or stagnant. However, when I met CJ, I was a size 6. I look at pictures of our first vacation together, and think "who IS that girl in that bikini?". But, I also admit I looked TOO skinny. Then, I gained weight from 3 years of fertility medication - it really did a number on my body with all the hormones. When I got PG, I was at what I THOUGHT was a big higher than my typical weight, but now looking back, I realize I was just fine and actually a "perfect" weight for me. Now, at 15 pounds over that, I'm finding it increasingly frustrating that my "roll" of excess skin around my middle isn't going away as fast as I want it to. *(sigh)*. I'll just keep plugging along, and hopefully my mind will finally accept the constant reminders that I look fine. I'm healthy. I feel good. It's just taking me awhile to accept the changes that Keifer and the drugs did to my body. However, I am thrilled that I was even able to carry a child, and the thought of doing it all over again makes my pulse quicken with anticipation.
Being a woman is tough work.

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