Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Introducing solids

We introduced Keif to some rice cereal tonight, and it was not very successful. She had no clue what to do with this "thing" (aka spoon) coming at her, and had the tongue thrust thing going on, that they say should NOT be occurring when and if your child is ready for solids. Oh well, that's OK, all the easier for mommy and daddy to feed her at this point in time. She was hilarious to watch, though. We got one video clip, but mostly she just had the funniest expression on her face, and made this groaning sound. Towards the end of my short attempt, she actually started leaning towards the spoon, but none of the cereal moved once she got to the spoon. Another day, my sweet pea, another day.


Kristine said...

very cute! i remember i wanted graycen to eat solids so bad (and she actually wanted to every time i gave them to her - even the first time) and she stopped eating baby food at 9 months..she just wouldn't do it anymore... it all happened so fast..

cynner said...

She is adorable!! Looks like she likes it, but isn't sure how to keep it in her mouth. Too cute!


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