Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy 5 months!

Have you heard? I'm 5 months old today!

I can almost sit up alone
That Sassy!
Five months old today! As always, it is AMAZING to even think that 5 months has gone by! Seriously? Seriously! Whoa!

Our girl is as chatty as ever, with new sounds emerging every day. She loves to play with her feet and attempt to get them to her mouth. She is getting stronger every day while she practices sitting up in her big girl Bumbo seat. It is fun to see her eye light up when she sees Sage or Treble come anywhere near her; she literally can go from crabby girl to happy, squealy girl when Sage tries to clean her face or hands. She is moving from her infant car seat to the convertable car seat this week - as she is so heavy mommy can barely lift the infant seat. We need to measure her length again, but I'm willing to bet she is around 28 inches. Her hair looks like it is strawberry blond in the light, and darkes when the sun isn't hitting it.

She is a joy and a blessing. I cannot imagine our life without her at this point. (*sigh*). We are so thankful.

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Kristine said...

so cute, so big, so much personality!


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