Sunday, September 09, 2007

Her first cold

Our poor girl has her first cold. I noticed this morning, she seemed a bit "stuffier" and raspier sounding than usual. She has been in her typical happy spirits, but after a nap, I saw that the crusties had taken over her nose. Yuck. The dried up snot bits. I went shopping alone for a few hours, and came home to CJ and his girl watching football. Keifer's eye was running (the right one) and I asked if she had been crying. Nope, it seems as though our girl has a bug. Its to be expected, I'm sure, after a few weeks in her first daycare, exposed to all those fun germs. Plus mommy is back in the schools as well, and I'm probably bringing home germs

At least she continues to be in good spirits. She has no fever. And, she 's been more cuddly than usual. Not that she's not a cuddle bug, but all afternoon, we alternated between eating and cuddling. She fell asleep tonight in the rocker with me, her body draped on mine, so warm and fresh. Her little head got heavier as she let the sleep overtake her and her breathing turned into little raspy grunts. I loved smelling her and holding her. I must have sat there a full half hour, just listening to her and letting her love on her mama.


Kristine said...

Poor girl, she looks so sick.

Wendy & Karen said...

Poor sweet baby and poor parents. Colds are so rough on everyone. Hope she feels better soon.

cynner said...

She is precious, Carrie. Look at her little face!


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