Friday, August 10, 2007

Keifer's Firsts: (and happy 4 months, part 1)

Happy 4 months today, Keifer! We'll have our annual "photo shoot" tonight when daddy gets home, but until then, let's show off some of her "firsts".

If you go to dropshots, click here, you'll see some of her firsts: in her jumper -she is learning what to do in this, in her green stroller (Daddy's stroller), her first time at the County Fair, and one of her first belly laughs. *You'll have to scroll down to see each separate video clip. You'll also see her cousins, Abby and Mason, at the fair*
Mason, Abby & Keif, who would rather eat Mr. Whoozit

Mason & his ice cream moustache

In my jumper, trying to figure this thing outMy first babysitter, Tammy, (who watched me while mommy hit the gym in an attempt to shed the weight I helped her gain!)

I love to chew & suck my fingers

And here's good ol' Tboy, going to sleep on my play mat *what a sweetie, huh?*

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