Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Due Date to Me

Happy Due Date. And....nothing is happening. LOL. I understand that first babies can be stubborn and like it inside their mamas. Well, apparently Keif really likes it inside me - she must be leery of her fur siblings. Oh well.
We were hoping she'd decide to come out yesterday, as it was my dad's birthday (her Bumpa Dale), but no. Nothing.
CJ has been rubbing the hollow part behind my ankles, my big toes on the sides,and I've been doing a ton of stretches - hoping for some trigger points to get labor going. And.....nothing.
My back is status quo. Still very sore - and taking 2 pain pills helps, but I don't really want to rely on them if I absolutely don't have to. I took some yesterday and got some cleaning and laundry done and even went for another pedicure - here I thought the one I got 2 weeks ago would be my "hospital" pedicure -but nope. My nails and hair have been growing like weeds, so 2 weeks means lots of growth in the nail department.
Yesterday, last night, was also a full moon,so I was also hoping the pull of the moon might entice Keifer to come out. Nope.
Interesting, the April full moon is called the "Pink Moon". Perfect for a little angel girl to be born (pink). My friend online found some interesting trivia about the months and their full moons (who knew they had names?):

January- Wolf Moon
February- Snow Moon
March- Worm Moon (ewww)
April- Pink Moon
May- Flower Moon
June- Strawberry Moon
July- Buck Moon
August- Corn Moon
September- Harvest Moon
October- Hunter's Moon
November- Beaver Moon
December- Cold Moon
Anyhoo, I'll keep the blog posted. So when I do go into labor, I'll let you know. Until then, we're just hanging out, me and the dogs. Watching the rain.
My next OB will be tomorrow at 1:20, so we'll see what he says about how much longer he'll let me stay PG.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I was really hoping Bailey would come out with the full moon too! Guess it didn't work for any of us, from what I've read today. I'm not due till the 14th but I am getting very anxious! Anyway today's not over, you could still have her on your due date! How crazy would that be?


Emilie said...

I'm thinking about you, Carrie, and checking your blog frequently to see if Keifer's made her appearance yet. GOOD LUCK!

Kristine said...

I am also checking frequently - for anything!! Can't wait to hear wht the doc says tomorrow! Good luck!

Piccinigirl said...

I'm sending lots of Labor Vibes and hoping Keifer is going to come into the world soon. Until then take good care of yourself :)


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