Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dropshot/video clip of Keifer dancing inside my belly

This was tonight, after I enjoyed one of my favorite snacks - the 8 oz. bottle of OJ (genius invention for those with blood sugar issues - one bottle is equal to one snack for me and lately I've been CRAVING OJ like crazy!).

You can only see her dancing inside me towards the top of my belly and right away, the I sort of shake (like a bowl of jelly?) when I giggle over it......)

CLICK HERE to watch.

We have been trying for weeks to catch her on video and NEVER have succeeded, the little stinker. This is the best we've gotten so far.


Jonathon said...

Hey that was fun, thanks for sharing! Now hopefully she will come out of you SOON and you can videotape her without a stomach between her and the camera :)


Kristine said...


liz said...

Wow - that is incredible! Thanks so much for taping that, because I have never seen a baby moving in utero before. I think I won't show it to my husband, as I'm pretty sure he would freak out :)

I'm really excited for you, Carrie - best of luck with everything! I'm so excited to "meet" little K!

- RaspberryLiz :)


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