Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The end is in sight: induction date set up

If you check out my baby ticker on the top of this page, you'll see that Keifer should be here by now. Yes, my due date was yesterday!

I had my OB appointment today and Keifer has not made any progress in the dilation or effacing department. Nada. Nothing. Not even a centimeter more. I'm stuck at 1 cm. and 50-75% effaced. She is a stubborn girl and her daddy says she's just like him: "no hurry".

So: we have set up induction for next Monday/Tuesday. Monday night I'll check into the hospital and they'll start with the meds for thinning me out (*its called "cervical ripening", how's that for a term?*) and induction will be Tuesday, April 10th. Of course, unless Keifer decides to make her appearance just because over Easter weekend! LOL.

I expressed my concern about not being able to walk without the assistance of my pain meds; the doctor assured me they would not have me taking them unless they are safe, and to keep on taking them as I need them to function. Without them, I'm a lump on the couch. I've continued to ice, stretch, whatever you can do for Sciatic pain, and nothing is helping. The fur kids LOVE the fact that I'm lazing around with them.

If Keifer arrives on Tuesday, April 10th, she will share her birthday with my mom's cousin, and my special buddy, Leland, and she will be exactly one week overdue. So mark your calenders, people: the end is IN SIGHT!


Laura said...

As someone who had their child at 9 days overdue... I can totally commiserate with how you are feeling. You must be SO uncomfortable and yet so anxious to meet your little girl. I'm glad to hear you have an induction date set. Take care and good luck!!

Piccinigirl said...

I know it's hard waiting, heck we are all waiting with I am glad that you are inducing and I will look forward to all the news of how little Keifer came into the world.


Kristine said...

Maybe she will make her appearance before needing to be induced! Good luck!

Jen said...

I'm checking every day to see if Keif is on her way. The waiting is so hard. But there is a certain appropriateness to a baby who came from an egg angel being born on Easter, right? I hope she doesn't make you wait til Tuesday!


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