Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just call me CRASH: accident yesterday

Yesterday was NOT a good day in our house. It started out as a snowy, cold, below-zero temperature day. I was getting ready to leave for work when CJ came home: he said the traffic was already backed up pretty bad so he was going to work from home. He told me to take the SUV instead of my Camry, and drive carefully. I had the SUV in AWD, and was taking it what I thought was pretty slow up the side road by our house, hoping to beat some of the traffic and enter the freeway a bit more north (up the road).
Well, I hit an ice patch as I came to a curve in the road, started fishtailing, and ended up doing a 360' around, smacked into a DEER CROSSING sign, and dumped into the ditch. It's a pretty deep ditch. BUT: I am fine.All I remember is I started spinning, hitting the sign was very loud (it ended up completely off the pole), and white snow flying as I landed. Luckily, 1) the air bags didn't go off, I'd probably be worse off, and 2) I honestly think the sign saved me from flipping upside down into the ditch!

I immediately called CJ; he was panicked, but I assured him I was OK, even though I was unable to stop myself from crying (for 3 hours!). He called the police and came to get me. He helped me out of the ditch, the police showed up, and we proceeded to wait for the tow truck to come. During my toss into the ditch, a bottle of water had spilled sideways and flooded the driver's seat, making my bottom of my pants soaking wet. Of course, the first thing I did was check my crotch (!) because I wanted to make sure my water hadn't broken.
We got home OK, I am fine, just really stiff and sore neck, and this AM, my tummy was sore (is sore) from where the seat belt had strapped me in. I immediately called my OB yesterday, and she said as long as the baby was moving and I didn't have bad cramping, then I should be OK. I then slept like a rock for 2-3 hours, and spent the day huddled down on our sectional, watching movies and cuddling with the furkids.

I switched my 32 week OB appointment from tomorrow's date to today, so I'll be checking in with her this afternoon. CJ and I are still nervous, even though Keif is moving, she isn't as active as usual, probably because I was so low key yesterday.
I've included some pics of the smack up. CJ took care of the insurance claim, etc., right away once we got home yesterday, and initial estimates are for $5000 worth of damage -just for the front quarter panel (where I hit the sign, as you can see in the indentation) and the bumper. But we figure, we'll pay our deductible and thank GOD that I had an angel in the car with me, watching over Keifer and I - not allowing us to get hurt worse.


LutherLiz said...

Scary! Glad you and Keifer are ok!

Emilie said...

Oh my gosh, Carrie. I am so glad you both are OK. Yikes!


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