Thursday, January 11, 2007

Future Mia Hamm?

The similarities between my PG and my egg donor, Michele/Mooshie's PG with her first child, Maddie (whom will be 2 next week, YAY!) -- well, it's just crazy. I am more and more convinced the more I hear about things that this was a meant to be thing in both our lives. And now, apparently Keifer is living up to her 1/3 sibling Maddie with her kicking the doctor. I just received this email from Mooshie:

Carrie, these similarities between Maddie and Keifer are incredible.
Do you remember that Maddie KICKED THE DOPPLER RIGHT OFF MY BELLY?
She's legendary at my OBGYNs office. They called her Mia Hamm, and still refer to her jokingly as "How's Mia?"
She literally kicked the doppler so hard it flew out of my doctors hand and onto the floor.
Uh, sounds like Keifer might be a little bit of my fault.... LOL

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Piccinigirl said...

OOH,that is a cool spooky isn't it????
Very cool!!!!


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