Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I've fallen -- and I can't get up!

There I was. The Saturday AM before Christmas Eve. We were at my parents house up in Duluth, having arrived the night before. The furkids needed to be let out, so I told CJ I'd take them. I bundled up, and slipped on my furry, warm Skechers, ready for a quick romp in the cold. "Be careful,", my dad warned, "it's icy out there". Yeah, really slick. As soon as I hit the porch, Treble ran down the stairs, pulling me towards the side of the garage, to where the backyard (his squirrel, deer, and rabbit playground) beckoned. Sassy just ran in a circle, and I carefully edged my way down the porch stairs. As soon as my foot hit the pavement, WHAM. I fell. Slick ice was the topping of the driveway, and apparently my shoes have little to no traction. I don't really remember how I fell, but it seemed to be in slow motion at the time. I felt my legs slipping, and I tried not to land on my butt or my stomach, so I somehow landed on my left side, head down, and my right wrist was at a weird angle, but I still held on tight to the furkids' leashes. "Dad" I called, as I started to cry. "DAD!". No dad, but CJ came rushing out - he was watching in the front window and he witnessed the fall. I was OK, he took the dogs, and then came back to pull my battered body up. I was OK, just really sore, and the right side of my back felt sore, like I had already pulled a muscle. *sigh* How graceful was I?
As soon as CJ and I got in and I had my wrist checked out , and ice pack on it, we checked Keifer's heartbeat. She was fine. It was a big high, but that was probably from mommy's anxiety about not hurting her. Whew.
The next AM, before all our relatives arrived for Christmas Eve, my dad was out there with a blowtorch, melting all the ice so no more people could call out for help: "I've fallen, and I can't get up!".

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Piccinigirl said...

Oh sweetie, I am so happy you are ok. That had to be scary.


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