Sunday, December 17, 2006


A typical night on our couch, during the weeknight, is to flop on the couch, CJ at one end, me on the other, while we catch up on our shows. The furkids like to flop in between us, and cuddle up, especially when the weather is colder. Sager loves to be under the blankets, but not until she has finished washing her fur brother's ears. *sigh* Treble is just in heaven when she does this. See the look of love? LOL. Then, he will sometimes come next to me, and flop his body on mine, laying his head right on top of his soon-to-be sister, Keifer Lynn. I wonder if he can hear her in there? Or feel her tiny thumps?
It's hard to believe my uterus is really the size of a soccer ball. *gasp*. That seems so, BIG! But judging by the belly pop that is occurring, I'm sure it's true. My feet and back and hips are starting to tell me that the 20 pounds I've supposedly gained in the first 24 weeks here are starting to wreak a little havoc on mommy's body. All in good reason, Keifer Lynn is so worth it. *smile*

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