Monday, November 13, 2006

2 more days!

Why is Treble (Tboy) smiling so big? Why? Because its only 2 more days from now until he finds out if baby Keifer is going to be a human sister or human brother! YAY!

2:25PM CST on Wednesday is our scheduled 20 week ultrasound. Then we'll meet with our OB afterwards, and then rush home to call excited family and email pictures (and of course, post on my message boards if its a boy Keifer or a girl Keifer!)

Treble has been even MORE clingy this past weekend than usual. Yesterday, as I sat on the couch reading the paper, he was literally half on top of me sleeping and doing his happy, content sighs. He joined CJ and I in our new king size bed at around 1:30 AM (way earlier than he usually joins us) and snuggled up right in my arms until I got up for the day. *sigh with love* What a love. And to think, he was a rescue dog. Who could've given him up? Ugg.

On another note, I'm posting the fabulous card that my friend in Duluth (whom I also met on the message board!) Taryn made for CJ and I when we had our BFP (big fat positive). She is so talented and recently launched her own card making website. I was in tears when I received this in the mail (it was a surprise, that Taryn is honestly one of the sweetest people on earth) and it is going to be placed in the nursery. (and to contact Taryn with card questions, her web site is Sorry, I normally don't plug like that, but Taryn is so worth it!

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Piccinigirl said...

what a beautiful gift, it's truly wonderful :)


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