Thursday, October 05, 2006

More Dreams

Poor CJ. Not only does he have to deal with my constant whining about my morning sickness, frequent headaches, and wardrobe choices, but he also has to deal with my freaky dreams. LOL. I know he thinks I'm a nut job, but I had the craziest, vivid dream last night. I compare it VERY MUCH to the plot line of McDreamy-Meridith-Finn- and Addison on Grey's Anatomy!

In my dream, I was "with" CJ, but not sure if that meant married or boyfriend/girlfriend. Apparently I was also considered Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend, but I was leaving Matthew to go be with CJ. Matthew lived on a boat (?) or something and he also had another girlfriend (would this be the Addison?). I remember crying and crying to Matthew about something (?), and then I was driving with CJ up and down Grand Avenue in West Duluth of my hometown (Duluth). My cell phone kept ringing, and CJ was telling me to ignore the phone, as it was Matthew continuing to call me.

Yes, I have the wacky dreams, they make no sense. But its always fun to be fought over by your hubby and Matthew McConaughey! LOL.


Piccinigirl said...

well if you have to have the dreams..might as well be Matthew's girlfriend ..right??? You lucky girl!!!


Casey Shea said...

Just wait Carrie, the dreams get better as your belly gets bigger. They also start to seem more realistic if you can believe that! Enjoy :)

Laura said...

What a dream! ;)

Kerry said...

Well that sounds pretty tame compared with the skin-a-max dreams I have been having.

Sounds like a great dream to me.


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