Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Meds are done: (Cold Turkey!).....and I've got a bump!

I started taking oral estrogen (Estrace) two times a day even before Keifer and his/her two other embryo siblings (remember Coco, Bongo, and Finn?) were transferred into me, as well as had a lovely progesterone shot in my butt, also twice a day. After the initial confirmation ultrasound at 6 weeks, Dr.D cut my shots down to just one a day and then told CJ and I that as of September 22, we would be able to cut the meds out completely. You see, the meds were what supported baby Keifer inside me the whole first part of this pregnancy. Because I did donor eggs, my own body's reproductive cycle was not allowed to go through the "natural" stages of ovulation and naturally prepping my body for implantation: instead, I was suppressed by meds, and then my uterine lining was made fluffy and inviting by meds (the progesterone). According to doctors, as of 12 weeks of Pregnancy, the placenta should have taken over the production of progesterone to support the baby, hence me cutting my shots completely.
When CJ and I met with my OB Addie last week, we discussed this plan with her and expressed our natural worries about cutting the meds out completely. CJ even discussed how he wanted to keep doing shots, but wanting to wean me off them, instead of "cold turkey". Addie had my progesterone levels checked, and called me the next day with the news that my progesterone level was considered excellent, and that I could cut the shots and meds out completely. The only thing that may occur, is that I may start having light pink spotting; so far, so good, nothing like that has happened *knock on wood*. She said that if I were to start bleeding red, to call her and we'd do an ultrasound to make sure things are OK.

The fact that I'm still very nauseated and am still gagging or throwing up every AM is reassuring to me that Keifer is still rolling around, being the tiny dancer inside mommy. And the fact that my boobs can barely handle wearing a Tshirt with a bra, that is also reassuring. However, I have to believe that with all the love, support, positive vibes and prayers that our friends and family have sent to us, Keifer is meant to be, and I have to have faith that after this roller coaster of a journey just to be able to carry a child, that Keifer will make his or her appearance in the Spring of 2007, right when he/she is supposed to.

And in other news, for the first time, today I feel like the pudgy/bulgy stomach I have is actually looking more "baby"! I can't stop looking in the mirror or in reflective windows as I walk by, as I stroke the upper bump of my tummy. There is a baby in there. I am never alone anymore: I always have Keifer with me, everywhere I go and everything I do. He/she is right here with me right now. Knowing that makes me smile, as I give my belly another rub.

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Piccinigirl said...

oh Carrie, I have tears in my eyes . What a wonderful way to look at it, you are never alone...and it's an amazing miracle. :)



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