Sunday, September 24, 2006

The endless problem: what to wear

The weekend went by in a blur. A literal blur. Friday night, we did the pizza at Corey and Jill's. Yesterday, I napped off and on most of the day, with a little visit from Abby and Jill for about 20 minutes in there. I find that Saturdays, I could sleep all day if I let myself, and the morning sickness usually seems to hit me pretty hard. I think the full week of non-stop action at work catches up with me, and once my body really "lets go", I really let go and relax. Then, I had my friend Missy's daughter Mady's 2nd birthday party. It was so fun. She did a luau theme, and Miss Diva (aka Mady) had a ball ripping her gifts open. Our friend Faye was also there, with her almost 2 year old, Jack (Jack-man!). Faye moved to Iowa last year, so we rarely see her anymore, but the three of us still correspond every day via email. Email is a wonderful thing. It can connect you in seconds to everyone in your life!

Faye and Missy are both due in November with their second children. Its funny: when we met, online on message boards, Faye and I started trying for babies at the exact same time. She was lucky enough to get PG, and had Jack -- and now FINALLY, I am able to say I am PG with the two of them. So at least one of their kids will be around the same as as Keifer. Not that age matters, but it will be fun to go thru the ups and downs together. My friend Allison is also expecting #2. She and I also tried for #1 together, and she was lucky enough to get PG with her Jackson via IUI (insemination; ironically, the same day, same office, same cycle as I had one of MY IUI's). Her due date is May 16 (one day before my Bday!), and so we will also have kids the same age. And, another friend of mine, Beth, from college - she just found out SHE is expecting #2. CJ's good buddy from work also just found he and his girlfriend are expecting , so I am over the moon at all the same age babies! I guess there is something in the air around here lately. I'm just THRILLED to be able to say I am finally onboard this mommy train.

Keifer Lynn or Keifer Dale: I love you! thank you for letting mommy be able to live out her dream of becoming PG and experiencing the ups and downs of this along with good friends.

Today, I had lunch with Beth and another old friend, Lori. I trekked one hour north up to Blaine, and we had a great lunch at Bella in Blaine (minus the crappy waitress, but Beth took care of getting THAT taken care of, hee hee). Then, I stopped at the MOA (Mall of America) on the way home, and CJ gave me free rein on our joint account for some more maternity clothes. He gets tired of me bitching in the AM about the lack of things that look decent on me. LOL.
I wasn't too successful at Old Navy -- they had some basic Tshirts on clearance for $2.97, so I picked up 2 white ones and one black, but the rest of the clothes looked awful on me. I did find one hoodie sweatshirt. I stopped at Gap Maternity - and dammit, why is it that the more pricier items look better on me? Of course. I stopped myself at only buying one sweater, one summer sweater on clearance, and a grey and white striped hoodie (which I found a picture of).

Next weekend, CJ and I have a bday party for his co-worker (the one who just found out THEY are expecting in May, unexpectedly!) up in Maple Grove - so I plan on having him stop at the Gap maternity up there and I want to get a pair of cords with my $10 off coupon (which I forgot to bring with today, *blush*). I also found myself a pair of panel khakis at Motherhood Maternity, after scouring every khaki they had in the store. This trying to find clothes thing is difficult - but thank goodness I"ll be PG in the winter, and can hide the bump with some sweaters and long sweatshirts!


Piccinigirl said...

You look great Carrie, my goodness the time is just flying by!!!

glad you had a such a nice weekend. :)

Laura said...

You look great, Carrie! I had some luck at Sears for maternity clothes. Old Navy tops were great, but not bottoms. Kohls was kind of hit or miss. I did like some of Motherhood's stuff as well. I liked shopping to show off my bellay! :)

Emilie said...

Wow, Carrie - you look great! I am embarrassed to say that even after one month after having Daniel, my belly still looks four months pregnant (that is, bigger than yours!). I lived in those Old Navy T-shirts - still do, actually.

Oh - I got the package you sent - thank you! I love the books, and I've got one of them on the table right now to read to Daniel. He doesn't understand a word, but he's fascinated by the colors. You'll have to trust me when I say I manage to get about two thank-you notes written per day, and I hope to get yours in the mail this week. :)

Michele said...

You look SO beautiful, and SO radiant.

Hello Keifer!!! I SEE YOU!!!!!!


I still say almost daily "This is REALLY happening!!!!" WOW WOW WOW!!!


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