Saturday, September 09, 2006

I've got "the look" and more gifts

I've noticed, more so lately, that people whom I haven't seen in awhile, will give me "the look" before we hug in greeting. It is cute. I know that they know I am PG now, so they are automatically looking to see if they can see any sign of a PG belly on me. LOL. So now, of course, I wonder: am I, too, guilty of giving "the look" back in the day?. I'm sure I am, no contest. LOL.
I'm back to work now, and this week we had parents of my new students bring the kids in to meet me, and see their new classroom. There were some parents visiting the teacher next door to me, of students I had last year in my class. The kids have moved "up" to the next level, at age 4, and were visiting their new teachers. A few parents stopped in, but it was funny when one of them stopped in, and I totally felt her "checking out my midsection" (because I know I do have that slight pudge bulge of pre-baby belly going on). I'm normally a thinner person, so I'm sure the mom was wondering what that bulge meant, and was too afraid (manners, of course) to ask me if I was indeed expecting. So to help her along, I said to the 4 year old, "__, guess what? I'm going to have a baby this year!". *giggle*

It was great having my new students come in, all shy and nervous. I have some great parents this year, and for that I am excited. I have been sharing the news of my PG with them, and with a few with whom I'm feeling comfortable, I've shared that we tried for "a long time" to have this baby. Well, one of the sweetest parents, she brought in a baby gift! She brought me a card and soft, fuzzy, cuddly, green "baby love" blanket from her and her son, my student! *awwwww, heart swelling*. How sweet was that? I was so touched, I practically cried (damn hormones). I thanked her profusely, and she commented , "well, when you've tried as long as you did, you deserve it!". I also think subconsciously, part of the reason I'm telling them I've tried for 3 years for a baby is to not make me feel guilty for leaving at the end of the child's school year -- my due date being April 3, I plan on taking the rest of the school year off, to transition into summer.

Telling a few of them was eye opening, though. I found out that two sets of parents have experienced infertility as well, or are still experiencing it. One set, I knew that they "might" have had problems, in that it took them 9 years for their son. But the mom, whom I felt like I could immediately talk to about anything (you know the type, so warm, chatty,open, and "real"), well , she told me that they experienced their 4th miscarriage this summer, and are now contemplating the possibility of surrogacy. But not for sure. *sigh*. Its just so damn unfair. These wonderful, caring parents, going through all this pain. Uggg.
Another mom shared with me, that she had her son, their second child, after numerous inseminations (IUI), and were lucky to get PG.

So I'm glad I was not shy in covering up the fact that I struggled to get PG. I honestly felt like it opened the door to talking about the dreaded infertility, and when I hear the statistic that one in six couples will experience infertility, it sort of shocks me that I've already met two sets of parents in my room alone who have gone through it.


Piccinigirl said...

well I am so happy that you have that LOOK, GLOW now. It is easy to see why so many people love you...I wish you only good things sweetie, only good things.

It's funny in this week since the BFN, I have met 4 different women that had a lot of trouble having children and are now PG or moms..and they all came to me by accident and through work(go figure) I think that God has a plan for me and in the meantime is showing me people that it worked for , people to give me the hope that I desperately need (and you Carrie, give me so much of that...cause that soupbaby is one miracle I won't deny)


Jennifer Prince said...

Yeah!! So happy about the "looks" hehehe. And what nice parents of the kids you teach. So sweet!


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