Friday, September 29, 2006

a *giggle*

My mom showed my grandpa ("Papa") a the picture of me in the striped shirt (a few posts below) to let him see Keifer starting to show (baby belly) and I guess he commented on it: "boy, she's getting busty, isn't she!".
Ahhh, the joys of being in your late 80's.

My Grandma H. asked me the other day if I remembered when I was young, and I used to tell her the future names of my children: "they were so strange,", she said, "and I'm still just getting to this one you've picked. It's so unusual". *giggle* So tell me, what do you REALLY think, Grams?? *hee he, gotta love it*

**and in other news, I "officially" notified my Human resources department, as well as my Special Education director of my PG, and that I will be trying to work right up until my due date of April 3, health cooperating, and I plan on taking the final estimated 4 weeks or so that would be left in the school year as unpaid leave. YAYAYAYAYAYA**

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Laura said...

OMG... LOL at your grandpa! That's hilarious! While I was pregnant, Josh's grandma asked me "if I'd be using a normal name or making one up like some of the other girls in the family." ;)


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