Friday, July 14, 2006

OUCH! *(but it'll be worth it, right?)*

The past day and a half, post-Egg Retrieval, have gone relatively fast. It really helps having Moosh and Maddie here in the house, to keep things jumping and my mind occupied. Our friend Allison stopped over yesterday with her gorgeous 9 month old, Jackson, and that was fun for all. Moosh was still recuperating somewhat from her ER on Wednesday, but she said she felt pretty good, other than some cramps which she said weren't as bad as some AF cramps she's had in the past. *Whew*

I started my progesterone shots on Wednesday night -- only one per night until the ET, then I start them once in the AM and once at night. I had a page bookmarked from my IVFconnections board, on "tips" for making the shots easier, since they have been known to be painful, sore, possibly leave lumps on your ass. Dr. CJ is again in the house, and he now knows to fill the syringe with the thick, sesame seed oil, and then place it into a heating pad for about 5 minutes. Then, I lay on the bed on my tummy, and use the heating pad on the area where he is going to inject the oil (upper butt area, near the hipbone). Then, holding the needle like a dart, the ever-so-eager CJ injects the oil, only this time he can't just shoot the meds in. Oh no. This time, the oil is thick, which takes TIME to go flowing into my body, so its a slow process of me daydreaming about other things while it happens. Then, we push a bandage on the injection spot, with the heating pad on top, and try to vigorously rub the spot, to get the oil moving around, for about 5 minutes or so. I was cracking up last night, because I was telling CJ to "push harder on the spot, push harder", and I giggled and said, "Isn't it the other way around? Usually you push on the spot and THEN do the injection, but this way is backwards". Hee hee. Glad to know my perverted mind isn't completely gone yet.

The first night of the shot, I was fine. No spot, no pain, other than some minor cramping an hour or so later, in the uterine area ("settle in progesterone, and get ready to make a home for the embies"). Last night, I was a bit stiff and sore throughout the whole butt area, and this AM I awoke to some pain. Dammit, apparently we need to push harder for longer time. Hee hee. So I'm gonna milk this for what its worth with Chris tonight, and hope that the sore spot from last night does NOT turn into a lump for me. In the words of Maddie, "ewwwwww".
Today, I'm scheduled for a chiropractic adjustment and another 30 minute Reiki session. I'm trying to remain calm and positive for tomorrow's ET. *deep breath in, deep breath out*. Knowing I have so many people out there praying for us, I can't help but feel those prayers and be anything BUT positive at this point. It is GOING to work. We will have leftovers to freeze. Do you think if I chant this for 2 weeks, it'll become a self-fulfilling prophecy? I sure as hell hope so.

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Emilie said...

Carrie, this shot thing sounds bizarrely, crazily erotic the way you write about it!

I will be saying prayers for you all day tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!


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