Thursday, June 22, 2006

Na na na na, hey hey hey, Goodbye

I take my last birth control pill tonight. For that, I am genuinely thrilled. 40 straight days of popping that tiny, white pill that suppresses my ovaries from kicking out an eggie (if it even happens in my body, we'll never know.....such a mystery -- does it make it down my Fallopian tubes, that was labeled after my HSG (in May, 2004) as "clear"? ). I am officially off of meds, except for my usual prenatal vitamins, my anti-depressants, and my baby aspirin for one week; on June 28th, I start my estrogen supplements and my antibiotics. For one full week, my body will be ALMOST chemical free. Such a relief. Can you hear me sighing? And still the fear lingers that I'm doing all this for nothing. The hopes, prayers, deep breathing, and "relaxation" modes help, but my heart is still uncertain if it should truly "let go" and let me assume it WILL work.

I just had another Reiki session done. Another "bliss" for me. It was different today; I'm not sure if its because I was almost late getting there, and therefore felt rushed, but I had a hard time getting an even breathing pattern down and truly relaxing. My cute little fireplug, Susan, was so sweet, as usual. (*I also love how brusque she is with her language: when trying to find the correct CD to put on, she said "oh, what the hell". *giggle* *). She's brusque, but an angel, I swear. When she finished with me today, she said she didn't know if I was in the ozone later, or if she was. She said today, I'm the one that was needing the energy, and was sucking it from her. Amazing, all this energy work. It really is. On another Reiki note, last night I mentioned to CJ that I had another session today; he smirked, rolled his eyes, and said "oh great, I'll see you on Sunday.". Hee hee. I always tend to sleep and sleep after Reiki. But dammit, it feels good. I think I'm going to schedule another massage here soon, too, because I haven't had one in awhile and hey, my fertility therapist said I should! Plus, I don't think I'm supposed to have massages (deep tissue) when I start all my meds (all the toxins and such in the body being released).

I'm off to eat my lunch, something sugar free, because after our Pastor's goodbye dinner last night, I need a healthy diet for. Ugg, the amount of pasta, carbs, and SUGAR was enough to send me into headache sugar shock for hours. Then, the furkids and I are off for a "doggie playdate". Yes, I know I'm a dork. But my friend has a young doggie that needs to be "put in his place", or so she says, LOL. Tboy is just the boy for that, while my Sass runs around like a rabbit and plays for hours. I love the backyard of my friend - fenced in, huge, and lovely. Plus she has 2 kids that love my furkids too, so I'm excited to be on my way.

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Michele said...

Hugs, sweetheart.

I wish you could mail me your Reiki Master. LOL

Hooray for no more BCP! I'm almost done, too--3 more days, after 70 + days on (and that month-long break in the middle). I'm really excited! We are getting so close!


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