Saturday, January 27, 2007

Utrasound: 3/4 D! 30 weeks.........

We had a 3/4D ultrasound Saturday AM. It was utterly amazing. My parents came down Friday night to come with us - they have never seen an ultrasound. My mom and I were both in tears - it was so surreal to watch. The place we went to put the whole U/S on DVD (like a movie!) along w/soft music, and we have a CD w/all the pics. Keifer once again was called "a wild girl" and it appears she does not like to be bugged! LOL. She was not very cooperative in showing herself, even after we took a quick break and had me lie on my side in hopes of getting her to move. She moved A LOT and had her face smushed right into my placenta most of the time.
It appears that she enjoyed grabbing at her feet , scratching her nose, and she looks VERY much like her daddy's girl. His nose, cheeks and forehead for sure. However, the second I saw her mouth it hit me: she has her egg angel's mouth! YAY! She may end up looking like me in the end!

Without further adu, here is Keif!

Profile (her daddy's nose?)

Scratching her nose (her fingers clasped and thumb tucked under)
Hard to see, but she has her arm covering bottom of her face, grabbing at her feet, which are up in the air, crossed at the ankles.
This one almost freaks me out - here is Keifer and then its Maddie as a newborn (her egg 1/3 sibling). Amazing.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing :)

kristine said...

congrats - you already have a beautiful baby! that was so neat to see.

Kerry said...

Awesome! We had them done throughout this PG just because I was high risk, but you will be amazed at how much Keifer will look like her pictures. She is going to be bea-u-ti-ful!


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