Monday, December 16, 2013

Flat Gingy!

A few weeks back, K1 came home with "Flat Gingy" (as she called HER, her Gingerbread Girl).
Flat Gingy was to travel with Keifer all over town, etc., and she had to write up her adventures with Gingy, due by last Friday, (and add pictures, if possible).
So heck yeah, we had plans for Gingy!

But first, K1 spent a day at home, after a vomiting episode in the middle of the night. Luckily, it was a one-time thing and Gingy didn't catch anything. Notice my Sager cuddled up with her #1.
 A few days later, Gingy was strapped into our van....
 ...because K1 wanted to take her on errands. 
 And Gingy also got to come visit Girl Scouts, down in the school we meet at. These are just a few of those silly girls!
 I think the highlight for Gingy (and all of us) was visiting the Children's Theater, and seeing "Cinderella".  I was very impressed and had a BALL (literally) chuckling, oohing, ahhing, and gasping in my seat at the hi-jinks the performers had the Stepmother and Stepsisters (brothers?) doing!
(if you haven't seen, GO! RUN! Get your bum to the next production, it's amazing!)
Gingy was one lucky Gingerbread girl.
Mama was, too. The Stepmother even read out my name! (Gasp) And made a teacher joke about me! THe girls were pret-ty impressed (their mom being announced).

Here is a super great review with pictures of the play!

 Because some of the performers are acquaintances to Mama, 1) she got her name called out and 2) we got to go backstage and meet Autumn, the AMAZING StepMother in the show. She is one cool Mama in real life, and she answered the girls' questions for them (although they weren't quite as chatty backstage as they were when we were planning on the visit!) Shyness took over!  However, Keifer wondered if Autumns' real life hubby, who played Dorcas, was REALLY that round in real life ("Mom? Is his face really that big?") and Kyla whipped off her jacket to show off her super-cool YOGA moves, including downward dog with a leg in the air. I'm sure Autumn could not believe the skills. LOL.

So yeah. I think that Gingy was one lucky duck, traveling all over the Twin Cities, with her girl. I hope she survives the winter without being eaten by any foxes! (*giggle*)

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