Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Lots to fill you in on.......

MIA again, but with good reason. Our life has picked up speed the past few weeks- and I have so many drafts to post, but they need a few more pics to complete, or a few more minutes for me to narrate them properly!

Halloween was a success!  We had Sofia the First and a Police Officer in the house!  It was cold trick or treating, but the girls had a blast. I laid in bed (will recap THE WHOLE DAY soon enough)

Kyla is starting a gluten-free diet, which is interesting. WIll explain ALL THAT once I have time. Cross your fingers or say prayers it helps her little tummy out.  TMI (Too much info will be forthcoming in THAT post!)

Keifer. Our K1. Lots going on there. She's brilliant, OF COURSE, but her "issues" we've been dealing with, well, they are spilling over into school. Not always for the best reasons. And I don't want my sensitive girl to be known as a "behavior" problem, when she truly cannot stop herself from interrupting or blurting answers to things in class. Will fill you in on THAT process.......

We saw the Disney Junior Live show and had a blast together! 

We visited Duluth and had fun for a day and half (always a quick trip!)

Treble is aging on us. Sager is Sage.  And work is still insane.

The girls currently dont' do any other SPORTS activities   We were doing gymnastics for so long, and Keifer had her guitar and School of Rock for awhile.  K1 had her Soccer, but that finished and we are currently investigating the local Karate school nearby our home.  They have a Preschool class for 3-5 year olds as well as beginner classes all the time. K1 and I observed a beginner class and now both girls think they want to try it out. To start, it's significantly cheaper than gymnastics and much closer to home. So we'll check it out.

Keifer is in Daisy scouts for the first year and so far, so good. I love to see the other moms and stay connected-many of them are from the group from K1's Kindergarten class.  She also attends our church for 90 minutes on Wednesday nights for dinner, Bible study, crafts and music.  I don't want to over schedule  but Girl (Daisy) scouts is every other week and so far, she's been OK about the Wednesday night church activity. I say, if she loves to go to church, I'll bring her!

Whew.  Have to get crackin' on a lot of the posts!  Will be back hopefully sooner than later!

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