Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just had to share after cleaning my grapes today..........

It's amazing to me that for less than $12, you can get this all purpose cleaner with literally "over 1000 uses!" Unbelievable.

I use it to:
as a bubble bath with my girls (helps with irritated and sensitive skin)
wash my dogs
clean every surface of my home, including stove and window
s, tubs, floors, etc
wash my car, inside and out
cleans grills
cleans up oil spills in garages
cleans up lipstick like magic
ant deterrent (safe!)
my plants flourish with this on their leaves
can wash clothes and as a shower gel!
could use for shampooing the carpet
the list goes on and on and on and on...............................

Because of changing my cleaners to this brand, my girls have had ZERO complications with asthma and we haven't used our nebulizer in years!

And it saves you $$$$$ - because my bottle has lasted almost 2 years. How many of YOUR safe cleaners have lasted that long? 

 Today- I washed my grapes with the
Basic H - what else have YOU used it for? 


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