Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Don't get SICK! Help is here!

Don't get SICK this winter! All I've heard from friends is how SICK everyone is! I've been good (knock on wood) and so has Keifer. Kyla caught a cold but has managed to hold off the fever and lethargy, with just a cough that sounds worse than it is making her feel.

We are loading our immune systems with the products that are all natural and have nothing artificially added: we are providing a "basic" framework of health and then I'm adding some immunity products for me and Keifer on top of the basics.  Without a basic nutritional foundation, HOW can your body defend against germs attacking it?

And just how am I doing this to help our health?

Our Children's chewable, the Incredivites have Lactoferrin, which is found in Mother' s Breast Milk, and is clinically proven to fight the flu. Yep. My K2 takes them- 2 a day. Keifer used to as well, until she started the adult vitamin- Vita Lea, which is a great, solid basic multi vitamin. I alternate her days with the "with iron" or "without iron" formula.  She takes that because she takes other swallow able vitamins- including the probiotic (which is the equivalent to 2000 cups of yogurt, and is so good for your immune and gut),  Vitamin B, which is "the happy" and "energy" vitamin, and Vitamin D, which is also great for your immunity. I also give her our OmegaGuard, which is pure pharmaceutical grade, to ensure she has 1) no more eczema or itchy skin (it works! I have testimonies of my friends and daughter!), and 2) it helps her brain!   I finish filling her little pill box (yep, she has her own) with the Immunity I formula, which many of my teacher friends swear by. 

Me? I take the BIG guns. I take the Vitalizer strip, which has ALL the above vitamins, plus some C, and carotenoids. It has it all in one blister strip, which in the end saves me $$ and space! It's so easy to toss in my purse.  I love this- plus it ensures free membership (and $$ back if you're not happy with it!). I can personally guarantee you're going to FEEL the difference within 5 days; I did. Now, IF I forget to take my strip in the morning, I feel like I'm missing something, or I wonder if I'm getting sick!

I also take our NutriFeron product- which is the BIG guns I mentioned. It contains Interferon, which is actually given to people with cancer. It helps balance your immune system so it's "just right".  I have allergies and had a poor immune system: with these products, I'm amazing people with how healthy I've been the past year and half!  I had a friend tease me years ago about how sick I always was. Now, I'm proving to people that these products WORK!

I also swear by our Vivix: our *newly* patented, all natural product that literally *!* slows aging at the CELLULAR level. Yep, you get sick: this will help your cells HEAL, and then replicate into healthy NEW cells!  Global cutting-edge research in the fight against cellular aging and years spent in partnership with leading scientists have culminated in Vivix—a scientific breakthrough from Shaklee.  Only Vivix contains both resveratrol and a proprietary phytonutrient blend. This phytonutrient blend harnesses the powerful antioxidant properties of rare muscadine grapes and has been shown to be 10X more powerful than resveratrol alone in slowing a key mechanism of cellular aging.*

The stories I could share with you about people using Vivix and having amazing health challenges suddenly improve or heal, could take hours to share. I'm not kidding. If you know me, THIS is why I got into sharing Shaklee: the products we have ARE AMAZING.    And not only does it heal sickness, it heals your skin , dramatically improves your memory, helps you sleep, helps inflammation in your body, helps athletes recover faster, and helps your eyesight.  My skin has never looked better (along with our skin care products, that are actual vitamins for your skin), this product has done amazing things to help.

So don't wait until you are SICK to pick up that computer or phone to call or message me: start laying the framework for YOUR health now. It takes years to break down your health, and it doesn't magically improve OVERNIGHT. It will take a few months to slowly build up your immune system, so I hope you will let me help you decide what  is best suited for YOUR needs. Message me now, I won't share them here, and let's talk!

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