Wednesday, July 31, 2013

White Water Rafting! Down the Arkansas River!

Last weekend, about 30 or so members at the Family reunion went White Water rafting! We all caravaned into Buena Vista, CO, and loaded up.  It was about an hour and half drive, but it went fast. The weather was not on our side initially: we all got the standard wet suits, splash jackets and helmets, plus those huge life jackets.  Good thing, because at one of the last rapids, we watched many people fall in! Not us, though. Our guide Mitch was great, and I'd highly recommend it to families looking for a little adventure!
Keifer even came!
She held onto a strap in the middle of the boat, mostly between Mason & Abby.  I sat in the back as did Jill, and the two brothers sat in front. 
We had rain, and then sunshine, and then it ended with rain, which had Keifer crying in the end, because she was cold.  I've never been so happy to get back into dry clothes, ever!!
Overall, it was an excellent experience!

Yes, that's Keifer in the middle with the wide open mouth!!

And truthfully, the splashing water around us, it looks way worse than it really was! Great shutter on the camera!! (speed) LOL

I look so "shy" or something here, LOL!


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