Saturday, July 20, 2013

The weeks of summer are flying by.....

Just a typical week of me and my girls running around, with the unexpected sadness of driving up to Duluth and back the next day for my Grandma's funeral.....
Keifer took a 4 day camp of "Drama Kids: Pirate Paradise" from M-Th. We had to miss the last day (her big production!) for the funeral, but she enjoyed the 3 days she was there. It was only 3 hours a day.  Kyla has been taking a 2 hour preschool class one time per week, while sissy does something like this. It keeps them busy, and somewhat in the routine of some structured education! LOL  However, I will say, I don't get much done in the 2 hours between dropping K2 off and picking her up.
 Monster Kyla: she made me smile when I was so sad the other day.
We joined a Kindergarten friend of K1's and her mommy and little sis at a water park for the afternoon on Monday. We went home to pack up and then were going to pick up K1 at camp. I came back out to the garage after grabbing the towel bag, and found this:  K2 was all dolled up and ready to go swimming! See anything wrong with her attire? It was SUPER hot and humid out, as well! Oye!
 This would be the "after" picture after spending 3-4 hours in the sun and water with friends!
 K2 and our neighbor girl, same age as her. They live a few houses down, and K1 was in Kindergarten with her brother, F.  He had some boys from their class over, so my girls and I joined them, and their mom and I enjoyed a few margaritas in the hot sun! LOL Sprinkle city/water park in the yard, kind of day!

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