Friday, June 14, 2013

K2 finishes "Three School"

Kyla started "Three School" this year with my friend and coworker, Ms. Jeni (and of course, Ms. Val!)
Here is a picture of her on her very first day, lining up for parent pick up! is our big girl entering school on her VERY last day of the year! Honestly- the time FLEW BY! My BABY - my baby girl is now 4 years old and has one year of preschool under her belt!
The class did a presentation and OH MY, was our girl a little dolly! So animated, and she sang all the songs and did all the actions! I was so impressed!

In front of her locker!
I have seen my K2 girl grow in confidence and of course, smarts!!She is one amazing little girl!! Apparently, her pretend play skills are out-of-this-world, and she was a really sweet and kind leader to her peers, who (most of them) aren't as "advanced" in her play skills as she is! 
Well, when you have an older sissy and friends in the neighborhood, I'm sure that doe help!
I was actually tearing up at the class presentation, I didn't think I WOULD, but I did. It's hard to argue with time - it goes too fast!

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Queen Bee said...

I teared up reading can never understand how fast times does fly until you have your own kiddos! She's a doll!


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