Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Super Heros for girls? And did you know Lipstick...............

Driving into Elaine's house yesterday morning, Kyla piped up from the backseat. With the return of nicer weather, they've been trying (and getting away with ) staying up later and later, and I'm finding my sweet, joyful Kyla isn't always so joyful on the car ride in the AM. More like tired and contemplative. And oh, what fun she had talking out of the blue to me yesterday:

This was her ( I'm cruising along, flipping channels on the radio station, between local stations, entertainment talk radio, and satellite) ...

"Mom, I put lipstick on my owie" (she has a burn mark (like a rug burn) on the side of her face, from going face first down our slide, apparently)
"You did?"
"Yeah, it makes it feel better"
"Um, OK".

and a few minutes later:

"Mom, when can I meet a REAL SUPER HERO?"
I was speechless. I didn't know how to respond. What exactly entails a real Super Hero? Hmm....

"Well, where do you think we can meet them"

"Well, Derek (daycare pal) has a Super Hero toy...."

and on and on she went about his toy. I don't think she really knows what a super hero is.
However, when I picked her up later in the afternoon, Elaine told me that her and Eddie played "Power Girl" and "Power Boy" all day, and they kept "having" to hug about things.
As I tried to pack K2 up in the van to get on the road, she chased Eddie around to give him a hug goodbye, shouting at him, "Power Boy! Power Boy! I need a HUG!"
He did not cooperate.  LOL

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