Friday, May 17, 2013

Stay tuned.....

...because an old friend (not old in AGE, but old in that I've known her since HIGH SCHOOL) is going to be doing a blog giveaway of some awesome products.  We used to be on Dance line in High School together, and I knew if she was anything like me (with my awful knees and joints), she could appreciate what I had her try. 
Yeah, yeah, another product plug. But wait until you read Carly's blog post about the products. I was seriously laughing so hard, I was nearly crying at my desk.  

Stay tuned!!!

And for your enjoyment, a few snapshots of Carly and I this summer at our *gasp* 20 year reunion. It can't really be 20 years can it? We JUST had our 10 year reunion!!

Anyone break into, "turn around, bright eyes, every now and then I fall apart....." when you saw this picture? Yeah, I thought so.  It was night #1 of our festivities and it was a good ol' fashioned Kegger. Hee hee. 
 NOT the best lighting or picture, but hey, we were having a grand old time.  Carly is the cutie pie on the left in both pictures. 

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