Saturday, May 04, 2013

Oh, the girl you will be.......

I've been saving quotes from Kyla for many months, because she sure has a lot of good ones.  It's hard to keep up with the blogging, but I always have the greatest intentions to do so.
Our ALMOST 4-year old has many sayings that are uniquely hers. She has made her presence in our home be VERY unique: she is a total "girly-girl", who loves Princess gowns, high heels (the louder the heel, the better), and loves to pretend play with any size or shape doll she can get her hands on. She's my "easy" one.
No doubt.
She will visit our friends' homes and will disappear for hours, given the right "girly" toys within her reach.  Her recent conference at "3 School" was very positive (of course), and it informed us that she takes great leadership in the pretend play department. She is good at setting up the play schemes for the other, more timid children. But, I've been told, she's not BOSSY about it, thank goodness!
Kyla is a great little shopper and can take care of her own needs pretty well.
Recently, she decided she did want to try Gymnastics class again.
We took gymnastics a year ago- when she was still 2- almost 3.  She did fine in the parent/child class. Last summer, however, she didn't want anything to do with the Independence of the 3 year old class. So we quit that.
Then she wanted to try dance. So did her sissy. We tried. They both quit. Then we tried swim lessons. She quit, and Sissy threw a tantrum every week IN THE POOL.
 Then it was ice skating (more pics to come of that delightful time). She loved it-but not going for a lesson. So that was another refund.
So when she told me she was really wanting to go again, I debated with CJ. We would TRY it, and if she liked it. Great. If not, NO BIG DEAL. We are not big PUSHERS of activities, but hey, if they WANT TO TRY, then I'm all for offering the experiences.
So today (this AM) was her first session and she did WONDERFULLY! The girl never looked back and as I watched, I was full of love and pride, and many giggles. She is a sass. Look at that hand on her hip, listening to instructions.
I love her hair when it's wet, humid, or sweaty. The curls are luscious.  They flatten out with dry air. 

 She was in her "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" kick around Halloween, so Nana Di was generous and bought the Disney costume for her. SHE LOVED IT, as you can tell, and looked so damn cute in her black braids.
 She made some real homemade "flower soup" one day. Sage was curious.
So this makes me think of another story about K2: over Keifer's bday weekend a few weeks ago, she was pretend playing with my mom (Nana Di).  She was fixing lots of interesting things in many toy bowls, etc. and came up to my Mom, and told her, " Nana, I'm making you Pepper Condiment Soup, be careful, it's HOT!"
Condiment Soup? Where in the world does a 3 year old hear that word!? LOL 
She also told my mom, "I would like you to have an appreciation for Doc McStuffins, so tell me you like her!"  WHAT?? LOL
 My friend started her own FACE PAINTING BUSINESS and used our girls for models for her web page. LOVE THIS:  It took her literally 5 minutes to whip out this kitty. Kyla loved it! Check out the gallery and see if you can spot my 2 girls!
PSA: if you're looking for an amazingly talented and fun face painter, K. is your gal! Give her a call or email for your next event!!! Here is the Facebook page! (TWIN CITIES, MN AREA)
 Kyla got yet another Princess Dress at a consignment sale I'm selling in. She helped me this past Tuesday night, with dropping off my stuff. She saw this dress on the rack (little shopper girl) and screamed, "Mommy, I LOVE THIS DRESS!"
I told her that if it was still for sale on Thursday, we could buy it. The girl woke up Thursday, and reminded me first thing that today was THE DAY we were going to GET HER DRESS!
I wasn't sure it would still be there. Plus, it was way too $$ at $10 (at a consignment sale! LOL)
It was there. The girl bounded through the arena to pick it up. I bought it and it's since made it to our Church Livewires dance last night.
As she twirled and pranced from table to table and played games with the older, disabled adults, I realized that many people pay lots of $$ for a Princess to greet them while they eat and dance with them AT DISNEY (Land or World). HA!!!
 K2 loves books and a few months ago, she found my departed Grandma's Bible, that I have on a shelf. Sneaky K2 was in bed, reading out loud to herself one night. I have no idea what she was finding, but I'm sure it was really good.
 Keifer adores her big sissy. Here she was, playing with K1 in Duluth in March, while we had a visit.
And here's our Rock star, adorned with her headband. Yep, another headband girl.
 Cutie Pie.
And my final story, the same weekend she was making condiment soup for Nana, she also "read" some stories about a girl named Princess Kyla,  to Nana.  Yep, Princess Kyla the FIRST, and then she informed my mom, "did you know that the word birthstone is the Spanish word for PRESENT!?"
Someone is a bit into Sofia and other Princesses! LOL

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