Thursday, May 09, 2013

Just a swinging...(and chatting and silly faces....)

Confused by the sideways picture? I was, too. Then I began to really look at the pictures I had on my Iphone camera roll. Um, hello, Keifer. I didn't realize you had taken OVER my phone's camera roll and took pictures and video taped yourself making silly faces and telling tall tales. Oh, she is a hoot! Enjoy our Keifer girl and all her silliness on display!
I love her upside down self-portraits! So creative! (thank goodness I didn't know she had my phone, I wouldn't have let her get all loosey-goosey with the phone! Egads!)

I like that she mentions Alabama (?? say what ??) and how she "just got home from Disney". Yeah, that was over a year ago, toots. LOL.

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