Saturday, April 06, 2013

Tiny Elves, Followed by that Bunny Rabbit....

So as the years have gone on, I've been guilty of less "real" pictures (ones with a real camera), and find myself using my phone all the time. It's so much easier, and truth be told, I've not a very good photo taker with our new camera. We invested in a new one last summer, and I just can't seem to get clear pictures with it. And it's pretty much a point and shoot! LOL

So Keifer worked ALL on her own on creating a Leprechaun trap for those mischievous little elves, that have snuck in over the years to day cares and now school.  They didn't do too much damage to OUR home, on St. Patrick's Day, but they did turn our milk green, and they did leave the girls some Golden Chocolate coins! Here's a few pictures of Keifer's hard work- she even asked Daddy for help, and he was much more into it that I would've been!

Keifer and Daddy checked online for tips on traps
K had some great ideas- Lego stairs, a box with a flap to "trick"that tiny elf into the box!
 The finished project - she used an OREO cookie to lure him! Genius! A piece of paper, held up by a balloon stand, behind which a flashy looking palm tree (for looks, only), and of course, a very welcoming sign, telling the tiny green guys that "She loves Leprechauns!"

And as for Easter, well, it snuck up on us this year, so we didn't get out too many decorations, and we waited until Good Friday evening to color our eggs. We had had a very rough day home together, (as my K1 needs structure on days at home and it was somewhat unstructured), and I was really ready for a big ol' glass of wine by the time egg dying came around. On top of that, the girls LOVE each other, but they can.not. stop. bugging. each.other. UGGG. I feel like ALL I do these days is referee who is touching who, and who is hitting who, and lately with K2, who is BITING who! Yes! I know! BITING at almost-age-4! Insane! No wonder I'm pretty much completely gray haired!

Anyways, here's a few fluky pictures of our girls dying their eggs.  Yeah, not the greatest, but I did it for memory's sake!

The drama girls! Ready for some egg action!
 Big sis bossing little sis around

And my lovely girls on Easter Sunday, at church. We had a pretty low-key Easter: celebrating with our friends at church, doing an Egg Hunt in the sanctuary after worship, and out to eat as a family of 4 afterwards. Kyla didn't want to pose-hence the crabby, not focused girl!


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