Monday, April 29, 2013

Slow dancing on a Saturday afternoon

When I first saw and heard that K2 was a girl, I immediately got giggly and giddy.  The thought of two girls immediately (for some reason) made me think of my Grandma, now gone, and her sister. They often talked about growing up together, and their stories always included the other one doing some daring and/or fun dauntless feat.  
So, knowing that K2's middle name would be after this Grandma and her sissy, the daydreaming began of our two girls, playing together, getting into shenanigans together, and hopefully someday, maybe sleeping together.
Well, since day 1, Kyla has always been Keifer's girl - "MY Ky-ah!".  We love to talk about these days with the girls, and they, too, love to listen to how Keifer was protective and possessive of HER baby girl.  Kyla had to develop a thick and tough skin from the get-go, with all the patting and singing and "shhhing" Keifer did with her.
Watching them grow up together has had it's ups and downs. Kyla gets to witness a whole heck of a lot of drama with an older sister who gets VERY emotional. I attribute Kyla's gigantic imagination to her "escaping" the drama of our household, into her fantasy land. She loves to live and talk about Princesses and characters from shows and books.  
When the two of them play together, which is becoming more and more common, I love to listen to them giggle together and call me to watch.
This was one of those times.

"Mama, look, we're dancing together!" Keifer called to me a week ago. And indeed they were. They were slow dancing to an Adele song, back and forth, so appropriately. How the heck did K1 know how to slow dance??
"Take a picture, Mama!" K1 instructed. So I did, and she kissed her sissy upon my camera (phone) coming out!

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