Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (sort of!): Soon-to-be Preschoolers!

**this was Kyla last week during Keifer's preschool class "Spring Sing" show.  I love that 1)  this is the leotard I got for $2 at a consignment sale and she WILL NOT let me wash it -she wears it for days on end, calling it her "pink dress" and 2) that the little blondie girl next to her is a former neighbor- who is 6 months younger than her - her older brother and K1 are great friends who we've known since they were babies; we 've (both families) since left the "old neighborhood" but are still in touch and school together, and I'm so happy K2 gets to get to know little J. as well!  :)  
and 3) I love that K2 LOVES to go to her sissy's school and wants to stay there and be a big girl in school, too!**

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