Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Three Years Ago.....

...Three Years Ago this past weekend, we had our Kyla enter the world a month and a week too early.  She was a big surprise with her timing, but we couldn't have been more blessed! MANY pictures and stories to come, including her updated stats (we had her 3 year check up today).  She is growing like she should, following her curve, and changing every day.
We had a fun birthday party with mostly just her daycare friends, and a few close neighbors, that was a hit with all that came.  She is still telling everyone she meets about her swim party. We also got to see family members and cried when they left.
Mama is insanely busy at work- 2 more weeks of kids, and then one week of meetings, paperwork galore, and packing up for yet another building move....so forgive my lack of pictures and blogging yet again....yes, I seem to go in streaks. I have the STORIES up in my head, but the time, well, it just is NOT on my side these days!

More soon!

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