Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Shaklee's April special: Try us NOW!

Take a few minutes and watch this:

and then read this:
This month ONLY -if you buy ANY SHAKLEE PRODUCT- out of the 4 different shopping areas = Nutrition, Weight, Beauty, Household- MEMBERSHIP IS FREE! yes, FREE - which means you get $20 waived AND 15% off the products-so you get MEMBER PRICE! FREE...! FREE! Is there something YOU want to try? Sports nutrition? Cinch? Kids Vitamins? Joint Relief? Our Green Cleaning products or laundry supplies?And remember- $$ back if you are not happy, no questions! Now GET to my Shaklee page - www.soup.myshaklee.com

and order something you've wanted to try!

And....if you are thinking that you want to change YOUR life, and try your hand at sharing these amazing products with people in YOUR life,
contact me and take the first steps in making your dreams a reality! CONTACT ME! CarrieCampbell@gmail.com and just an FYI- making these dreams a reality happens with me and a TEAM, you are never alone in this.........join our team and make new amazing friends along the way..........

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