Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy birthday, dear K1......

Every year on K1's birthday, I try to get a picture of just me and her as close to the exact time she was born as possible (5:03PM). This year, this was the first opportunity we had to get one: outside our favorite ANNUAL birthday place to eat: Teresa's! As you can tell, our birthday girl was very excited, and loved wearing her purple preschool birthday crown!
Below, here is our Cherished girl (Keifer means "Cherished") with the sombrero on her head after the wait staff sang their birthday song to her (and gifted her a free ice cream!). She wasn't too happy! HA!

Sissy K2 had to get in on the action, too!
Watching the wait staff sing to her!
Daddy took these pictures of our 5 year old standing outside her preschool classroom this morning....not the best lighting....but you can see our big girl:

5 Years Old!

Our girl turns 5 years old today!

She hopped out of bed, so excited, and I gave her a huge hug. She tried to be patient as she waited for me and daddy to get ready to go downstairs to see what we had for a gift for her!

It was a new Scooter! A Razor....she loved it and especially seemed to love the handwritten card I had made for her ...VIDEO CLIP OF IT

Happy Birthday, dear Keifer.....we love you so!

She's celebrating today at school in her afternoon class, then tonight with us out to eat (her pick). Tomorrow is daycare celebration, Thursday is her morning class celebration (snack) and then Sunday is the BIG PARTY for her friends- we're doing a Princess and Prince/or Pirate theme--she can hardly wait until that day!

How did 5 years go by so fast!???


Jeni & Andy said...

Happy Birthday to your BIG girl! Tomorrow is Skye's number 5. When did our babies get so big?!

Heather said...

Happy birthday, Keifer!!! Yes, the years do go by so quickly!!! I can't believe that our daughter will be 12 years old this year!!! Just you wait until they look like a young woman and you're trying to remind yourself that there is still a little girl inside that brain. I'm constantly reminding myself of that these days.


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