Friday, April 20, 2012

All Natural Beauties, Indeed

My loves, my girls, posing for their beloved Papa Dale last Saturday AM on our back deck. It was a gorgeous weekend last week, and they had their spring clothes on and were loving life.  The dress Keifer is sporting was a birthday gift from her great auntie- my Auntie Barb....and it looked so dang cute on her, we bought the same one for Kyla later that day! Guess what my girls will be wearing for their yearly pictures in May? Hmmm............

 I giggled at this picture, as it's typically KYLA that's the poser of the two with that particular right shoulder! Guess little sis is wearing off on her big sissy? 
Many many many x 100 pictures to come soon of the birthday party extravaganzas that occurred ALL of last week. It has taken us all week just to upload the cameras, and after the past 2 weeks in general, I was knocked out by a migraine many more fun stories to tell! Until then, blog land............

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