Saturday, September 10, 2011

I slack

I know, I slack. I have many posts in draft form. Pictures uploaded and thoughts whirling in my head. Lots of notes about things K1 or K2 has said. Doggie pics. Stories about my first few weeks back at work- and I will start with the actual students (Early Childhood Special Ed.) this Monday. Busy busy. No money for a house cleaner, so mama spends free time TRYING desperately to catch up on dishes and laundry and once a week TRYING to clean this beautiful new house. Ahhh! Tips on cleaning for busy mamas???

More soon, please don't stop watching me! :)

1 comment:

Jeni said...

I feel your pain, I'm home more and I still can't keep my place clean :(. Skyler is at last at an age where he 'helps' put his laundry away (jumbles it all in his closet, but it makes it upstairs!), and will help unload dishes but that is about it. It sometimes helps me to dedicate specific tasks for each day of the week so no matter what they get done once a week and I don't feel pressed to do EVERYTHING all at once. Honestly though our houses are a mess because we live in them, right?


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