Thursday, August 11, 2011

Water Play Date Reunion

This past Monday, we had a chance to be reunited with our old neighbors, Denise and her kids, Hayden and JJ. Hayden and Keifer were best pals in our old neighborhood, and we haven't seen them since Kyla's birthday party (or something like that!), so Keifer was SO excited to go see their new house and swim in their neighborhood pool. It was a sweet reunion- Hayden was waiting outside for us to pull into their driveway and he and Keifer exchanged a HUGE HUG upon arrival. We toured their new house and then made our way to the POOL, where the kids had a great time splashing, jumping, diving, and jumping (if you were Kyla). Friends forever!
Kyla and JJ didn't really care what the other kids were doing, they were all about themselves!!

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