Monday, July 18, 2011

"Mom, I Loved my Picnic!"

Katelyn, Keifer, Brynlee & Teah

At the end of May, in our "old house", we had a sizzling hot day of sun and warm weather. I invited our neighbor friends over, and they obliged happily! Keifer ADORES Teah, Brynlee and their older sister, Katelyn! We had 2 pools (Sharkie pool!), water table and another neighbor's slip n' slide that CJ blew up for them. What fun! Three straight hours of sun and water and our girls were exhausted!
During a break, I served the girls a "picnic" snack on a blanket in the shade. It consisted of raisins, apple slices, crackers and juice. Two months later, Keifer is STILL commenting to me on how much she LOVED her picnic with her friends!! Ahhh, so sweet!

The Little Mermaid swim suit girls!
The picnic!
Hot dogs supervising the fun
Slip sliding - yes, our yard was FULL of water fun! Keifer's jumping on her knees hurt MY knees just watching! Ouch!
I found this hooded Princess towel at a consignment sale- Kyla adores it.
I think she resembles a future Jedi or Ewok, no? LOL
And the swallows that invade our garage every year, were in the process of rebuilding their nest yet again. It is now complete and they are in it.

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